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During the Vietnam War articles were published in a variety of publications about the 219th Aviation Company and its personnel. Shown below are a few of these articles and stories. Other articles or stories were published after the war. These are shown also. PLEASE NOTE COPYRIGHT PERMISSIONS.

Pilot Wins 11-Hour 'Poker Game' in Sky
Used with Permission from Stars and Stripes. Copyright 1969, 2011 Stars and Stripes.


Pleiku, Vietnam

Date of Article - Sunday, March 2, 1969

Article details flight by Capt. Albert H. Morton


Page from Pacific Stars & Stripes PDF Version (Click Link)


(Article is at bottom of the page)



Wiretap Recovery with A Hatchet Platoon - Feb '69
"Chapter 20 - WIRETAP RECOVERY WITH A HATCHET PLATOON - February 1969" from SOG Medic - Stories from Vietnam and Over the Fence. "Reprinted by Permission from Paladin Press

 Mission Launched from the CCC compound Kontum, RVN

Details mission that was supported by O-1 Bird Dog from 219th Aviation Company February 1969

Chapter from the book (Click Link)

(Special thanks to Author Joe Parner for bringing this chapter to our attention. It is his experience as a SOG Medic that is detailed here. See reviews and where book can be purchased click here)


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