The pictures shown here are from the reunions

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1999 Annapolis, MD

First Headhunter Reunion hosted by George & Pat Savani

Front (L-R): Bernie Bernhardsen, John Pappas, John Estill

Back (L-R): Ritchie Kane, Chas Slimowicz, John Meyers, Arlie Deaton, Don Shipp, Phil Phillips, Frank Doherty, George Savani

2001 Annapolis, MD

2003 (Need Picture)

If you have a GROUP picture from 2003 Reunion please send / email a copy to us.

2005 Daytona Beach

HH Banquet with "Harry" Headhunter (Borrowed from the Ft. Rucker Army Aviation Museum)

2005 Kennedy Space Center

Outside with Astronaut

2005 Kennedy Space Center

Inside Center

2007 Atlanta, Ga

2011 Beaufort, South Carolina

Saturday Night Reunion Dinner.

Over 75 Headhunters, spouses, family members and friends attended.

2011 Frog More Stew Dinner

What a group! Frog More Stew dinner at home of Fletch Maffett.This was a beautiful setting for a once in a life time photo.

2013 Reunion Dinner Pic Boulder, Co.

L-R Seated & Kneeling: Martin Tremthick, Davae Watling, Jon Schuetz, Rance Pinao, Fletch Maffett, Arturo Rodriguez, Ray Tallent, Ben Brown, Garry Forrest

L-R Standing Middle Row: Bob Brewster, George Savani, Jim Dempsey, Stan Unverzagt, John Estill, Steve Cihasky, Stuart Ratcliffe, Steve Butler, Brian Mullady, Ed Grisham, Lee Malambri, Lance Holmes, Dennis Churgovich, Don Lee, Ken Porter, Bob Chadderdon, Doug Krout, Terry Dyke, Bill Beckwith, Bill Holston, Charlie Barnes

L-R Back Row(High): Steve Persons, Bob Phillips, Chas Slimowicz, John Meyers, Tim deBord, John Elmendorf, Clarence Duckworth


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