If were assigned to the 219th Headhunters in Vietnam, we want to hear from you. Please email us at WEBMASTER and tell us when you served with the unit.

Also, if you have a personnel story about your experiences with the 219th or if you were attached or flew missions with the 219th and want to share your experiences, please read the Story Submission Rules below -

1) All accounts must involve the 219th Aviation Company. (You are either assigned to the 219th, are attached to it from another unit or you were involved with 219th missions either flying with us or supported by us.)

2) All accounts must be personal to you and must be written in the first person. (Do not tell somebody else's story unless you were part of the experience with them. Exception - share anything you can about our sixteen lost comrades.)

3) Stories can be enlisted or officer - BOTH are important to share. (everyone with an assigned position and job has a story to share)

4) Stories do not have be flight related. They can be based on experiences in ground support operations.

5) Be honest and as factual as possible in your stories. Do not embellish or editorialize unless it is absolutely necessary.

6) Watch your grammar and spelling. I will only make major corrections and will not go through every story with my own edits.

7) Avoid profanity and individual personal attacks. General criticism and viewpoints you held at that time are acceptable.

8) Be as personalized as possible. Unless there is a reason to hide identities, use people's names in your stories, if you can remember.

9) Do write a book! Get to the point. If you need to submit separate stories because the time line of the event is different,  that is better than a whole bunch of stories combined into one long one.

10) If you can remember list the dates (month/year) and location where your account occurred. (They can be generalized like Pleiku, Phu Cat Mountains or Cambodia, An Lao, Mang Yang Pass, Kontum, etc.)

11) Share everything with us unless the event was so bad you would not share it with your closest friend or mother

12) Include your name and rank at the time of the event plus your MOS or unit position you held.

13) Title your story. Keep it simple. (If you do not list a title, I will create one)

14) Lastly, submit your story to me by EMAIL. (bob@219headhunters.com) VERY IMPORTANT - make sure you put "HH Story" in the email subject line so I can identify it among the hundreds of emails I get every day.

In summary, this is your chance to make a significant contribution toward preserving the 219th's history. With your story, short or long, you will be creating a picture of what the 219th was all about. We need to know our unit history from every viewpoint, enlisted, flight, support, etc. what the 219th did and accomplished. Sixteen Headhunters lost their lives while conducting missions for the 219th. Our stories will also honor these brave men and let people know that they did not die alone but were part a dedicated and professional team who understood the risks and did everything possible to make each mission a success.

I will not edit your stories to change viewpoints, circumstances or time lines. With the exception of complying with the few rules I listed above, what you submit to me will be put on the website.



Bob Brewster

219th Webmaster