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The 2007 Reunion was held October 11-14, 2007 in Peachtree City, Georgia.


Our hosts were -


Steve & Becky Butler

Tom Morris

Bill & Linda Beckwith

Cam & Margene Sutherland


Our reunion HQ was the Wyndham Peachtree Conference Center



THURSDAY NIGHT -We all enjoyed meeting each other in the hotel "Billiards" Room that was quickly converted into the 219th Headhunters "Dog House". In the Dog House we had the original Headhunter Statue graciously loaned to us by the Ft. Rucker Air Museum and brought to the reunion by Dick Baker and the 0-1 propeller brought by Bob Brewster. Many Headhunters brought memorabilia, photos, movies and other related units items for display and discussion. The Dog House was bee hive of conversation.


FRIDAY DAYTIME- We all enjoyed breakfast, then met in the hotel lobby for a bus trip to the Georgia Aquarium, one of the world's largest. Along the way we stopped at the famous Varsity Club Restaurant for an exciting lunch. The aquarium was a terrific and relaxing event where many of us wished for a fishing pole and some bait.


FRIDAY NIGHTTIME - Meeting at the hotel, we all traveled by bus to the home of our hosts Steve & Becky Butler where we enjoyed one of the south's most prized meals - the Low Country Boil. There was plenty of beer and the food (Low Country Boil) was comprised of Shrimp, Sausage, Potatoes, Corn on the Cob and Onions. The weather was perfect and we all socialized and ate outside followed by an "award winning" banana cream pudding.


SATURDAY DAYTIME - We gathered at Noon for shuttles and cars to the Great Georgia Air Show where the 219th Headhunters enjoyed our own VIP tent directly on the flight line, good food and a special write up in the Air Show program (see Special Write-Up). Again, the weather was clear blue skies as we watched aerial maneuvers that seemed impossible for an airplane but which also brought back old memories of when we were all younger and "immortal" when we flew the O-1 Birddog. The Air Show was a perfect event for us to socialize and reminisce about those earlier days. (See Air Show Program Cover)


SATURDAY NIGHT - We all met in the hotel's Bistro Room for our Reunion Dinner. Presentations were made for the Oldest Headhunter present, the one who traveled the farthest, the one who had the most active duty time as a Headhunter and several other awards. We also honored our hosts who worked very hard to make this reunion a very special and memorable event. Making the evening even more special was the donation of five (5) original artwork paintings by Headhunter Arturo Rodriquez. Five lucky Headhunters and/or their spouse received a painting through a special random drawing (see Winners Photo). We also gave away Headhunter t-shirts, polo shirts, throws and mugs. The evening also included a special ceremony to honor those fallen Headhunters who did not return from Vietnam. These unit members that were killed or listed as missing in action are firmly in the memories of all who served with the 219th Aviation Company. Special words in their honor were said by former unit commanders Arlie Deaton and Fletch Maffett. A group photo was taken to commemorate this reunion event (see Group Photo)


SUNDAY MORNING - Fresh coffee, Danish pastries, toast and breads greeted everyone in the Dog House where we slowly rolled in to say our good-byes until we all meet again in two years at FT. RUCKER, ALABAMA.


SUMMARY - 43 Headhunters and 28 Spouses attended the 2007 Reunion. Several Headhunters attended for the first time. This was the fifth 219th Headhunter Reunion and like the previous four, it was a unique and very enjoyable event with its own character and uplifting atmosphere. The 219th Aviation Company was a very unique unit with a mission unlike any other aviation unit. Nearly 5,000 individuals served with the 219th from its deployment in June 1965 to its return home in late December 1971. The people who served in the 219th will always be Headhunters and have the lifelong distinction of being a member of this unique group. Those who did not return will always be in our minds as well as those comrades and "buds" that served with us during our time on active duty with the unit. Our next reunion is in OCTOBER 2009 at Ft. Rucker, Alabama. Spread the word. Let's work to get as many Headhunters as possible to attend. We are not getting any younger and our time is growing short. We need to share our stories - enlisted and officers - to keep the legacy of our efforts and the sacrifices we all made to serve our country alive as long as possible. In the process we need to say our prayers and give thanks to all those brave men and women who continue to serve our country through military service around the world and at home. To all 219th Headhunters everywhere - WELCOME HOME!!


Mark your calendars - OCTOBER 14-18, 2009 - FT RUCKER, ALABAMA!  Plan on it!