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09/30/19-10/04/19   219th Aviation Reunion Cruise to Caribbean 


0/8/2011    REUNION 2011 Major Success!! See Pictures  Read Letter from Son of a Headhunter


05/28/2011    Make your arrangements for the Headhunter Reunion 2011 in Beaufort, NC 9/28-10/2, 2011. Read more...


07/06/2010   Headhunter MUGS are now available. A beautiful 15oz CUSTOMIZED ARTWORK mug is now ready. Go to the Unit Store for more details.

07/06/2010  Headhunter PATCHES are now available. Through a special purchase, we have two sizes of EMBROIDERED 219th Headhunters Patches available. The ORIGINAL SIZE (3" x 21/2") Patch and an ENLARGED SIZE (9" x 7" ) Patch. Go to the Unit Store for more details.

11/24/2008   The 2009 Headhunter 219th Aviation Company Reunion will be at FT. RUCKER, Alabama OCTOBER 14-18, 2009.

01/30/2008    Check out the NEW Flash Video Section in the Photo Gallery that shows actual footage of Headhunters flying in Vietnam and scenes from past reunions.

11/15/2007    Now Available Headhunter Zippered Sweatshirts with Hood  in the Headhunter Store


10/15/2007    2007 ATLANTA REUNION RECAP


7/12/2007    REUNION SCHEDULE & REGISTRATION FORM - Go here to see schedule and registration form


5/17/2007    CESSNA AT WAR  -    During the 2005 Daytona Reunion, we had Author Tom Block and his partner Jim Corley joined us with a new Birddog they flew in from Spruce Creek. Tom wrote an article titled "Cessna at War" for Cessna Flyer Magazine (August 2006) talking about the 219th Headhunters and quoting several of us "old guys" who were at the reunion.. Read it for yourself here. You can also go to and read old issues.


5/15/2007    CAMP HOLLOWAY website - This is a great website! For everyone who wants to see history of Camp Holloway and why it means so much to Army Aviations and the 219th.


3/27/2007    UNIT HISTORIES - Unit histories as written by 219th personnel in Vietnam are now on website. Check it out


1/15/2007    HEADHUNTER SWEATSHIRTS - Coming Soon! Design will impress everyone who sees it. Watch email for announcements of when orders can be sent in.


12/14/2006    HEADHUNTER MUGS ARE NOW AVAILABLE! A special order has been to produce a Limited Edition of the 219th Aviation Company Headhunter mug. Click Here to see picture and details.


10/30/2006    REUNION 2007 PLANS ANNOUNCED for OCT 12, 13 & 14 2007- Stephen Butler has announced preliminary plans for the 2007 Reunion  in Atlanta, GA. Click here for Tentative Schedule


9/17/2005    HEADHUNTERS decide to hold their NEXT REUNION scheduled for SEPTEMBER 2007 in ATLANTA, GEORGIA. The hosts will be Steve Butler (RVN 1/68-1/69 Pleiku) and Tom Morris (RVN 7/65-7/66 Nha Trang, Tuy Hoa, Phan Thiet & NonCo). The host location will be Peachtree City South of Atlanta. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!


9/30/2005    BIRDDOG MODEL AVAILABLE Click Here to See Pictures

Painted in 219th Aviation Colors. This is a beautiful solid model that will enhance any office or home display. Base has etched Headhunter Patch. Go to Unit Store to view pictures


9/30/2005  219TH AVIATION COMPANY THROW BLANKET AVAILABLE - Click Here to See Pictures

This custom designed throw has Headhunter Patch, Birddog, Pilot Wings, Crewchief Wings, RVN Service Medal and Unit Locations in RVN. Go to Unit Store to view pictures.

10/3/2005   ARTICLE ABOUT 219TH - Tom Block Editor-At-Large for Aviation Group, LTD is doing an article about the Birddog titled "CESSNA AT WAR". In it he would like to feature the 219th Aviation Company. Many of you met Tom at the reunion. He and his partner Jim Corley flew their beautiful O-1 into the Daytona Airport for many of us to see. For the article, Tom needs short experiences that many of us had with the Birddog in Vietnam. You can submit your experience directly to Tom. Please include any photos that might be good for the article. The article will appear in the March 2007 issue of CESSNA FLYER Magazine. Keep your experiences brief and accurate. For example, I shared with Tom how "I exceeded the aircraft's airspeed redline while doing a split-S and misjudging my angle to the target. The airspeed was over 210 knots when the noise of high speed air flowing by coupled with metal creaking awakened me from "target fixation". I managed to recover without folding up the wings at an altitude no more than 100 feet AGL."   Send your experience and photos to - Tom Block, Aviation Group LTD, 687 N. Samsula Drive, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168  Email:  or Fax 386-478-1072  Please do this As soon as possible


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